Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Beginning

Hi and thanks for coming by my little spot in the blogosphere. I am going to use this place to talk about DJ Mixes that are really making me feel good and want to dance all over my place. The genres will be varied and as different as I can find. So I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment this is a first attempt and will hopefully make this a better blog as time passes.

For my first entry I want to big up a member on Soundcloud who has been dedicated to bringing an amazing Mix every single Friday. I present to you FridayMixtape , I dont know much about them. However I have been listening to them for a good solid 6 months now and they almost never disappoint. I particualrly love #58

Friday Mixtape 058 by FridayMixtape

Give it a listen, I would describe it as a good Mix to have on while in the car or getting ready to head out. It is a great combination of Indie Rock (The Green Room by the Tins) by the time Fred Falkes remix of Florrie's "Call 911" You should be boppin to the beat. The rest of the way through should keep your ear buds happy.